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67.2V 50A Original Charger [ For TEVERUN Blade GT]

67.2V 50A Original Charger [ For TEVERUN Blade GT]

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Product Details:

100% Original Charger From TEVERUN scooter Factory

1.Comprehensive Protection,Equipped with short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, reverse polarity, and over-temperature protection for safe charging.

2. One end of the charger is equipped with an aviation adapter or certified Canon head, which is to connect the electric scooter, and the other end is to access the power supply and charge according to the plugs allowed by different countries;

3. Need attention! When purchasing goods, be sure to check the charging port and adapter, the aviation adapter has a display number {1 2 3}, while the certified Canon head does not {there are three holes but no number}

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