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2024 INMOTION V13pro - 4500W 126V 3024Wh 16inch Street Tyre

2024 INMOTION V13pro - 4500W 126V 3024Wh 16inch Street Tyre

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Inmotion V13 Pro

Let yourself be swept away on a thrilling adventure with the latest Inmotion V13Pro Challenger, undeniably the queen of high-performance electric unicycle on the market today.

What is the Inmotion V13Pro worth?


The Inmotion V13Pro Challenger's commitment: to unquestionably dominate the ranking of the most powerful scooters currently available.To achieve this, the Inmotion V13Pro Challenger relies on the strength of a 4,500 W motor (peak power 10,000 W) offering unrivalled power. This will propel the Inmotion V13Pro to a maximum speed of 100 km/h, enabling it to tame 45° inclines with ease.

However, it's the recharging time that the V13Pro electric unicycle excels at. To go from 0 to 100%, 6 hours on a single 5A charger will suffice. However, thanks to its charging port, 2 hours with two 5A chargers is enough to fully charge the battery.


To counteract any problems with the device overheating, an improved motherboard and a new controller ensure safety in the event of power surges during acceleration and deceleration. Two independent fans and a heatsink keep the V13Pro Challenger at the right temperature for rock-solid performance.

Its 16-inch inflatable all-terrain tyre promises wheel enthusiasts sensational experiences on a variety of terrains, while guaranteeing good grip. Two independent suspension systems on each side of the machine give the Inmotion V13Pro a smooth, pleasant riding experience like never before.

Ergonomic pedals, fitted with an anti-slip system and adjustable in height, let you adjust the wheel to your body shape. Similarly, comfortable side pads are positioned to ensure a more enjoyable personal riding experience.

Riding comfort

In terms of security, the Inmotion V13Pro Challenger is equipped with a digital anti-theft lock, responsible for countering any risk of theft or break-in of the device by relying on digital technologies. An engine switch instantly immobilises the wheel in the event of a critical situation or imminent danger.

Illuminated headlights at the front and rear give the Inmotion unicycle unequalled visibility. This feature provides protection against hazards and guarantees users optimum safety.

Accessories and features

To lift and transport the V13Pro electric unicycle easily, a kickstand, a trolley and 2 integrated handles have been added to it. Because electric unicycles can be plugged in, you'll find a USB port as well as a USB-C port on the device.

Like many other machines, the Inmotion V13Pro has an LCD touchscreen with multiple functions. From speed, battery and remaining range to driving mode and pedal sensitivity adjustment, it displays a plethora of information as you ride.

Why choose the Inmotion V13Pro?

The most powerful device in the Inmotion catalogue, the power, reliability and range of the Inmotion V13Pro make it an impressive electric unicycle. As its name suggests, it stands up to all the challenges and demands it may encounter.

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