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INMOTION Adventure V14 - 16inch 4000W 134V 2400Wh

INMOTION Adventure V14 - 16inch 4000W 134V 2400Wh

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The new INMOTION Adventure electric unicycle delivers unmatched off-road performance with industry-leading power, torque, and cooling. Expertly engineered suspension, swappable batteries, and IPX6 waterproofing allow thrill-seeking riders to conquer any terrain. Experience endless off-road adventure with Adventure's rugged power and handling now!

Model Name: Adventure V14
Tyre: 16inch 3.00-12 off-road
Battery: 134V 2400Wh
Motor: 4000W C40
Max.Range: ≈120km
Max.Speed: ≈70km/h
Output Modes: Sport Mode / Comfort Mode

Controller: Raptor 42 Mosfets
SUspension: Adaptable Leverage Ratio Progressive Shock

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