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Kingsong 18L - 18inch 2200W 84V 1036wh

Kingsong 18L - 18inch 2200W 84V 1036wh

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Brand: Kingsong

Model: 18L

Tire: 18*2.5inch

Battery: 84V 1036Wh

Range: ≈ 95~105km

Sound Notification:EUC fall down, buzzer beep alarm for 5 seconds

Voice alarm:

1. Low battery alarm: Your device is in low battery, please charge it. (Please charge the device ASAP)

2. Over speed alarm: Pls decelerate. (Please slow down at once)

3. Connect Bluetooth: Bluetooth is connected.

4. Disconnect Bluetooth: Blutooth is disconnected.

5. Over voltage alarm: Be caution, over voltage. (Please pay attention, this is dangerous alarm! )

6. Over heated alarm: Be caution, over power. (Please pay attention, at this condition power is about to reach the limit )

7. Buzzer beeping

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