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Begode ET MAX[168V 3000WH 4500W]

Begode ET MAX[168V 3000WH 4500W]

Обычная цена $3,800.00 USD
Обычная цена $4,100.00 USD Цена со скидкой $3,800.00 USD
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Begode ET MAX

● 3000wh 168V

● 4500w Tile Type High Torque Motor

● 8 Parallel 48 Mosfet 1200A

● 20A Charging and Discharging Port

● Non-loading Speed 180 km/h

● CNC Mainbody Structure

● Bidirectional damping Spring Shock Stepless Adjustment

● Suspension Closable

● 130mm Suspension Travel

● Adjustable Velcro Pads

● Smart BMS

● LED Light Affect

● Front and Rear Lifting Handle KIT Design

● Spiked Pedals Height Adjustable

● High Speed Street Tre

● Linkage Uses Materials Similar To Cybertruck

Breaking through the limits once again, in order to achieve faster speed and super torque, Begode team has accumulated years of scientific research and technology, and through repeated trials and tribulations, ET MAX has emerged!

168V high voltage and efficient driving force, with a 3000Wh battery capacity, make racing effortless. The newly developed customized tile shaped magnetic steel generates a strong magnetic field, allowing torque to break through and increase once again. After multiple iterations, the Begode shock absorber has made a fundamental leap in improvement. The spring is increased to 150mm, strengthening the piston shaft and rod, and the bi-directional damping is infinitely adjustable, allowing for smooth handling in various applications such as racing, jumping, and off-road. The motherboard adopts more 48MOSFETs, the control chip is upgraded, and the tenth generation main control MCU is used to further improve the performance of the motherboard.

Supported by powerful hardware, the new firmware debugging makes both racing and offroad modes more professional. Off road mode will output greater torque, making it more suitable for climbing and leaping. The racing mode is faster. The racing mode supports maximum speed adjustment. Supports linear adjustment of the left and right tilt angle shutdown protection angle, motor blockage protection, and firmware upgrade stability improvement.

Begode develops a customized new type of motor, and tile type magnetic steel can have more torque than ordinary magnetic steel

The charging port supports up to 20A charging and also supports 20A output

2 parallel and 2 series to ensure the stability of the power system

BMS battery pack intelligent monitoring and management system

Begode's fully independent research and development, hydraulic bidirectional damping

infinite adjustment

Lockable suspension, more suitable for race

The blue knob increases or decreases the downward pressure damping

The red knob increases or decreases rebound damping

ET Max uses the latest reinforced controller, which has ultra-high load capacity and better performance in extreme races and off-road situations, with higher speeds and stronger torque.

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