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LeaperKim Veteran Patton - 18inch 3000W 126V 2220WH

LeaperKim Veteran Patton - 18inch 3000W 126V 2220WH

Обычная цена $3,640.00 USD
Обычная цена $3,899.00 USD Цена со скидкой $3,640.00 USD
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Veteran Patton 3000W 2220Wh 126V - possibly the new 18" king from Leaperkim.

As far as we know, the Veteran Patton from Leaperkim is 13% lighter, 33% more dynamic and, of course, more maneuverable than the Sherman-S.

Patton is the world's first 126V 16" electric unicycle, which, combined with a 3000W motor, makes Patton the most powerful 18" EUC on the market.

Interestingly, the side tilt angle can be adjusted from 35° to 70°, allowing for individual adjustment to make turns depending on riding style. Combined with a 18-inch tire (12x3" in motorcycle size), it provides excellent maneuverability to easily negotiate tight turns or cut through pedestrians in city centers. In addition, the tire can be quite wide as long as the 12" motorcycle rim allows it, which reduces the risk of possible punctures, increases riding comfort and gives greater stability.

And to top it all off, the suspension complements the not the largest wheel size and makes the Patton very comfortable for riding on cobblestones, rocks, overcoming roots, and even making jumps or getting over unexpected potholes more safely (although in Poland this phenomenon is not a surprise at all).

Suspension parameters:

- Mid-mounted normal suspension system

- Compression adjustment in 12 positions

- Rebound adjustable in 18 positions

- Preload adjustable adjustable

- 80 mm stroke

- available configurations: 58LBS (up to 80kg), 62LBS (80kg and above), 66LBS (super strong)

Technical specifications:

- Size: 18 "x3" (12x3" in motorcycle size)

- Battery: 126 V 2220 Wh (Samsung 50E)

- Motor power: 3000W

- Maximum Free-spin (not load) speed: 85 km/h (105 km/h - in "High Speed Mode")

- Net weight: 39 kg

- Charging time: 4h30min (with original 5A charger)

- Fast charging time: 2h (with 15A charger(s))

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